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Fort Collins Newborn Photographer – Welcome to the world baby Arabella

Joe & Samantha – Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, Arabella.

I had so much fun picking and choosing baby girl props with Samantha for this photo shoot. It’s interesting that I am seeing more baby boys than girls these days but I have 3 baby girls coming to my home studio this month and I get to enjoy picking girls outfits and colors, that’s the best part!

Please enjoy the album below and leave a comment to share. It’s always fun to see real comments from audiences.
Arabella was only 5 days old in the photos and she slept most of the time. Samantha had to feed her once but she made my job easier so thank you for being such a perfect baby. The challenging part was the sibling shots. Sibling session with a little toddler could be difficult sometimes because they prefer playing with toys or going outside. I don’t blame them! So I tried a new thing to capture the perfect moment of Arabella’s brother kissing her.

The trick was to use his snack, make a fun game, and give a prize. I put Lex’s favorite little snack on baby Arabella’s forehead and had him eat the snack without using his hands. If he wins, he would get a balloon as a prize. It’s a very simple game but it works to make the toddler happy and get a perfect shot of a little toddler kissing a baby. I actually learned this trick from another photographer and it really helped! Thank you Ana for sharing this trick, I owe you one.

You could probably try this type of game at home if you are thinking about taking some photos of your own kids by yourself ;)


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