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Fort Collins Photographer’s Secret – It’s Back! One Cent SALE

Arron Brother is running a great special, Buy One Get One For One Cent, again. Check Arron Brother’s website: – they are also offering 50% OFF on selected custom frames!

Let’s see… how many of you actually developed photos to showcase in your house? I have more than 100 pictures done by professionals sitting in my computer. The last time I framed nice photos were 6 years ago and I feel embarrassed myself for telling everyone to frame! It’s been too long, so I decided to encourage myself to frame some photos after New Years Day and am working on the custom framings.

How about you? I am sure many of you have done family sessions before the holiday seasons last year. Did you make canvases or frame the photos? It gets overwhelming after all and that’s why I am here! I love helping my customers with their framing and designing wall displays when they need help. I am working on 3 different wall art projects that are very exciting and that keeps me busy this week. Special Thanks to Mariana for letting me rearrange your wall!

I do have to say I love customized frames better than the ones on the shelf… I keep going back and forth for pre-made frames and customs but if you are looking for nice frames, custom frame is a way to go! For custom framing in Fort Collins, I highly recommend FASTFRAME in South Fort Collins near Sprouts and World Market. Arron Brothers does pretty good job and Hobby Lobby has decent quality custom frames that are VERY reasonable!

If you are also looking for wall decoration ideas, you should check My Pinterest or you can contact me for consultation anytime. Happy Framing!


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