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Fort Collins Baby Photographer – Best Baby Photo 2014

Here is my favorite baby photo from 2014…

The baby’s dad was working on the day of the photo session but he came and stopped by after work and it happened be the best shot. What a great moment! I still remember the day when Dad made it towards the end of the photo session and I asked him to be part of the photo even though he was not prepared or ready for it. As soon as he held the baby in his arm, he started smiling and I started photographing as fast as I could so I don’t miss the shot.

I love how each newborn session is different and I face different challenges. Majority of people don’t know until they have a session that a regular newborn session takes from 2-4 hours depends on the baby and how photographers set their session policy etc. It’s a long long session but it’s totally worth being patient because the newborns grow so much every day. If you miss to photograph your baby within the first 10 days, you won’t be able to back to the time and retake your baby photos!

Fort Collins is quickly expanding with new homes and I see families moving from different states every month. Unfortunately we don’t have any hospital in Fort Collins offering on-site photography service for moms to take photos of babies or photos with babies. I am looking for moms who are looking for maternity and newborn sessions in the area, so please contact me if you know anyone interested in my new newborn session. I am running a special from January to March 2015.

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